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Q: How to Sign Up?

Sign Up process can be taken by following the below steps:
  1. Click "Sign Up" button on the top-right of the screen.
  2. NewGenEducationApp-Signup-Step 2 to 5
    Step 2 to 5 screenshot
  3. Mention your first name, last name, email address & password.
  4. The password given here will be used to login into NewGenEducationApp.
  5. Accept our terms of service by ticking the checkbox.
  6. Click "Start Your Signup for free"
  7. NewGenEducationApp-Signup-Step 6
    Step 6 screenshot
  8. A verification link will be sent to your email.
  9. NewGenEducationApp-Signup-Step 7
    Step 7 screenshot
  10. Click 'confirm your email' or simply copy-paste the link.
  11. NewGenEducationApp-Signup-Step 8 to 10
    Step 8 to 10 screenshot
  12. Select the country code & Mention your phone number
  13. Click verify button.
  14. A verification code will be sent to the given mobile number.
  15. NewGenEducationApp-Signup-Step 11
    Step 11 screenshot
  16. Mention the code and click "submit”.
  17. NewGenEducationApp-Signup-Step 6
    Step 12, 13 screenshot
  18. Select the Institute type that better suits your Institute.
  19. Mention the number of students in the Institute.
  20. NewGenEducationApp-Signup-Step 14, 15
    Step 14 to 16 screenshot
  21. Select the required features.
  22. Mention whether Institute will buy the server hits usage for parent/student or parent/student will buy their server hits usage.
  23. Mention the Institute mail ID from which the parent mail notifications will be sent.
  24. NewGenEducationApp-Signup-Step 16
    Step 17 screenshot
  25. Mention the address of your Institute.
  26. NewGenEducationApp-Signup-Step 17 to 21
    Step 18 to 22 screenshot
  27. Mention the Country in which your Institute is located at.
  28. Mention the local language spoken in the geographical area where your Institute is located.
  29. Mention the currency which is used to handle transactions in your Institute.
  30. Mention the Time Zone at which your Institute is located at.
  31. Click the continue button.
  32. NewGenEducationApp-Signup-Step 22, 23
    Step 23, 24 screenshot
  33. Mention your Institute name.
  34. Upload your Institute logo. If you do not have a logo yet, you can upload later in menu Institute->General configuration.
  35. NewGenEducationApp-Signup-Step 24 to 28
    Step 25 to 29 screenshot
  36. Mention name of the Admin user.
  37. By default, the system will provide an auto-generated Employee/Staff ID for admin which can be used. If the institute wants to assign their Staff ID for admin, then that ID can be entered.
  38. Mention the educational qualification of the admin user.
  39. Mention the date of birth of the admin user.
  40. Mention the gender of the admin user.
  41. NewGenEducationApp-Signup-Step 29
    Step 30 screenshot
  42. Click "save".