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Menu path : Report -> Fee

This report gives holistic view of Fees. It shows you below details about the Fees
  • List of Fees applicable
  • Student wise fee status

How to Create Fee Report?-General details image
Fees Report-General details
How to Create Fee Report?-General details image
Fees Report-Student wise fee status details

Q: How other non-teaching staffs can take the Fees report for a given Class?

Fees Report can be taken for a given Class by following the below steps:
  • Choose Menu (Report=>Fees) from Menu tree.
  • You will see the filter screen now, where in you can see “Class” search filter which can be used to generate report for a given class.
  • Enter Class code for which Fee report needs to be generated. And you can use Fee description filter to generate fee report for a given Fees.
  • After entering the filter values, please press next.
  • Then System will bring full detailed view of the Class report; You can either print or download the report by clicking corresponding buttons in the bottom.