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Menu path : Dashboard

When Parent login dashboard will be automatically loaded. Dashboard shows you below details
  • Student Attendance
  • Fee
  • Weekly Events
  • Exam
Student Attendance

  • Student attendance details shown by chart
  • Click the “More” button. It will display the total number of working days of the Student on monthly basis, total number of days the Student attended during the working days and total number of their leave

Parent dashboard - student attendance image
Student Attendance dashboard 1
Parent dashboard - student attendance image with full content
Student Attendance Dashboard 2


Fee details appear in this Fee Dashboard screen
  • Fee ID, Description, status of the fee, amount to be paid and the due date of the fee for students will be displayed here.
  • Parent can click “pay” button. It will take you next payment screen where in you must enter your card details.

Parent dashboard - fee details image
Fee Dashboard

Weekly Events

  • Students Exams, Extracurricular activity and Fees for the day will be displayed in Weekly Events Dashboard

Parent dashboard - Weekly Events image
Weekly Events Dashboard


  • Exam details are shown in the chart
  • Click the “More” button and the exam, description, Subject name and the marks obtained in that exam will be displayed

Parent dashboard - Exam details image
Exam Dashboard 1
Parent dashboard - Exam details image with full content
Exam Dashboard 2