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Staff Substitute Availability
Menu path : Report -> Staff Substitute Availability

This report helps to find the staffs availability for substitute or replacement of staff who asks for leave. Report shows you below details about the staff substitute
  • Periods allocated on the given date for the leave requested staff
  • List of available staffs for substitute or replacement
    • That handle same class
    • That handle other classes

How to Create Staff Substitute Availability Report?-Substitute Availability Report details Image
Staff Substitute-Substitute Availability Report details

Q: How Admin can take the Staff substitute report for a given staff?

Staff substitute Report can be taken for a given staff by following the below steps:
  • Choose Menu (Report=>Staff Substitute) from Menu tree.
  • You will see the filter screen now, where in you can see “Staff name” and “Date” search filters which can be used to list out the staff substitute report for the given staff asked for leave.
  • Enter Staff name and Date for which staff substitute report needs to be taken.
  • After entering the filter values, please press next.
  • Then System will bring full detailed view of the Staff substitute report; You can either print or download the report by clicking corresponding buttons in the bottom.