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Exam Schedule
Menu path : Exam -> Exam Schedule

Q: How student can view the Exam Schedule?

Exam Schedule can be Viewed by following the below steps:
  • Choose Menu (Exam=>Exam Schedule) from Menu tree.
  • You will see the filter screen now, where in you can see below search filters which can be used to list out the Exam Schedule records
    • Student Name
    • Exam
    Please Enter your name whose Exam Schedule needs to be viewed and enter Exam for which schedule needs to be viewed.‌
    After entering the filters values, please press next
  • You can see all the resulted records which are satisfied by your above chosen search filter.
  • If there is only one resulted record for the given filter, system will automatically take you next step, otherwise click on record which needs to be Viewed.
  • Then System will bring full detailed view of the record; you can see General, and Exam Schedule tabs. You can click the tab to see corresponding details.