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Institute Academic Year
Menu path : Academic Calender-> Institute Academic Year

Q: How Teacher can view Institute Academic Year?

Institute Academic Year can be Viewed by following the below steps:
  • Choose Menu (Academic Calender-> Institute Academic Year) from Menu tree.
  • You will see the filter screen now, where in you can see below search filters which can be used to list out the records
    • Year
    • AuthStatus
    AuthStatus filter can be used to fetch records which are either Authorized (Verified) or unauthorized (Not Verified) by admin
    Please type value for any one of above filters and then press next
  • You can see all the resulted records which are satisfied by your above chosen search filter.
  • If there is only one resulted record for the given filter, system will automatically take you next step, otherwise click on record which needs to be Viewed
  • Then System will bring full detailed view of the record; You can see General and Audit tabs. You can click the tab to see corresponding details.