Education ERP Software Solutions
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Looking for an education ERP software to streamline your education structure? If that’s the case, you have landed on the right site. At NewGenEducationApp, we provide advanced ERP software solutions and education management systems for K-12 schools, colleges, universities, coaching centers, and all sorts of other educational institutes.

Learn with us what an Education ERP software is and how it helps educational institutes in automating the administration tasks and management functions.

What is an education management ERP software?

Education ERP is a dedicated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system exclusively designed for educational institutes. It contains integrated business management and workflow modules that helps K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutes to streamline their structure and automate all sort of the administration activates and business operations.

Education ERP serves as an education management system as its main objective is to control and advance the management of the institutes through automation.

How ERP software helps educational institutes in management and automating daily operations?

An ERP software is the best package for education institutes to digitalize their business. Just like other business ERP systems link the different departments to devise a rational workflow, Education ERP software seamlessly connects the business operations of various sectors including the administration office, finance & accounting department, Time Table & schedule Management, examination, fee & payments unit of the educational institutes. It combines the business operations of these units into a single integrated system that streamlines the everyday operations by orientating them into an automated workflow. Thus, it centralizes and streamlines the flow of information between all operations and departments within an institute. This gives birth to a digitally connected structure breaking down the data silos and helps in improving the communications across different units and departments.

Exclusive features of our Education Management & ERP software

Our education management system includes all the fundamental education-specific software integrated with a robust ERP system. Enjoy the advanced eLearning tools and automated workflow facilities.

Bespoke configuration

Easily configure the education management & ERP software according to your institute structure and country specifications. Bespoke configuration settings for K-12 schools, colleges, universities, training institutes, tuition & coaching centers to easily set up their eLearning software and automate their education structure.

Time Table & Schedule Management

The schedule management module helps educational institutes to digitally design and circulate the timetable easily. It makes organizing schedules super easy while the robust business validations make sure the schedule is 100% accurate and there is no overlapping of lectures.

Exam configuration/Assessment

The exam configuration tool is integrated with the education ERP software that provides an easy way for the educational institutes to create and configure multiple types of exams and & assessments.

Soft Skill Assessment

Develop the personality of the students by enhancing their soft skills. Soft skills assessment allows K-12 schools and colleges to evaluate communication skills, public speaking skills, teamwork, and other soft skills with the help of soft skills assessment.

Workflow Automation & Approval

Our education ERP features workflow automation for streamlining the flow of tasks, applications, documents, information and executing the repetitive manual tasks and processes automatically in accordance with your institute`s pre-defined rules.

Approval workflow allows the administration to manage and approve new record creation, deletion, or modification of any task or feature in the application by simply approving or rejecting the request.

Fee Management

Keep detailed track of every single fee record all centralized at a single place. The Fee management module of our education ERP software allows institutes to easily manage and configure all kinds of applicable fees and track the payment records.

Extra-Curricular Activity and Event Management

Schedule and manage sports events, cultural events, special coaching session event and before & after school club events details easily and effectively. The event management integration automates the parent consent process on student enrollments and institutes decisions on participants. It also helps in keeping a digital record of events and result declarations.


Automate the staff circulars, student, and parent circular circulation. The admin authorities, teachers, and parents can digitally sign the circulars. The eCircular also saves the wastage of money spent on paper printing costs and other operating expenses.

Leave Management

Advanced Leave management module for educational institutes flourishes the leave management and approval process. Easily manage leaves, approve or decline leave requests, and track the leave trends. It also helps in reducing the truancy of the staff. Integrated teacher substitution reporting tool make decision-making on teacher leave easy and helps to find the replacement of the absent teacher.

Academic analytics and reporting tool

Discover the hidden academic insights and make quick & accurate decisions with the analytics reporting tool. The advanced BI technology integrated powers our analytics and reporting tool. It enables you to analyze the data visually and generate graphical reports that help you in making reformist decisions regarding student performance, staff performance, overall institute performance and staff substitution etc.

User Granular Access

Well-defined user rights and fully structured user granular access control ensure the internal privacy of the education ERP system. User access rights and security checks keep the authorized data secure from unauthorized access.

UI & UX User-Interface

A user-friendly and comprehensive interface design makes using the ERP software easier than ever. The unique design helps institutes to operate the system easily, effectively & without any need of technical knowledge of the software.

Data Security and Backup

All the data is secured on cloud-based servers secured with end-to-end encryption and replicated every two seconds. We take an incremental backup at the end of each day and a full backup of the data every Sunday.

Why Education ERP Software?

At NewGenEducationApp, we believe in excellence through automation. Streamlining the daily administrational and management functions empowers you to sharply focus on the growth and performance of your institution and making true breakthroughs in maximum performance achievement. Educational institutes need to cope with examination management, fees and payments settlements, and parent notifications while keeping a tab on daily academic activities. For maximizing efficiency and productivity the need of digitalizing these areas and automating them with an education management ERP software is paramount.

Benefits of Education management system & ERP Software

The Education ERP software is the best package for digitalizing your educational structure and improving overall performance through automation. Here`s are some key benefits:

Enhanced Efficiency and Maximum Productivity

Education ERP system integrates workflow Automation that streamlines educational business operations and management tasks in accordance with predefined rules to solve repeatedly occurring problems. It saves a lot of time by automating the manual work and maximizes K-12 schools & college efficiency. It enhances institutes` overall productivity by eliminating redundant tasks, paperwork, and freeing up human resources` time for other tasks.

More effective internal communication

The education ERP software connects different departments and units of the institute, building a more connected structure. The digitally connected units and the centralized workflow enriches the internal communication.

Real-time Tracking

Track different kinds of ongoing activities from student attendance, staff presence, sports & cultural events, fee payments, schedules, and all other kinds of operations, or activating on-going in your educational institute.

Saves time & money

Save the precious time wasted on repetitive operations and automate your education management system. The ERP software saves the extra cost spent on human rescores dealing with these daily operations in the institutes manually.

Digitalize your educational structure with NewGenEducationApp. Try our Education ERP and management system now.