Our Services

End-to-end hybrid mobile application development, core-banking customization, strategic consulting, and managed services to solve modern problems and provide better lives and days by incorporating emerging technologies.

Mobile Application development

Mobile Application development
  • We deliver cost effective hybrid mobile solution to retail business sector.
  • A single Hybrid mobile application can be used for Android/IOS/Windows mobile phones. It reduces the additional development cost involved for each different Echo systems.
  • We know that User experience is very important factor for the success of mobile application. We will prepare the blue print of user experience and ask our clients/their business users to provide their feedback during development phase.
  • Our application solutions used to adhere high security standards. We have separate modular design for data security in our each solutions. This security module design provides robust authorization/authentication mechanism for the business data view and access.
  • Our strong technical solution architecture gives importance to caching, asynchronous processing and multi-threading to achieve industry standard performance oriented solutions.
  • We are having tie up with latest cloud technology providers in the market and we used to prepare the solutions adhere to their cloud adoption/deployment needs. This will avoid hardware procurement and maintenance costs to our small business retail sector clients.
Mobile Application development

Core Banking consulting services

Core Banking consulting services
  • Our Management/Technical team have been working in Core banking Application development for over 15 years. So we are master in providing low cost optimistic consulting solution for banks. Especially we have great subject knowledge in Flexcube application.
  • Our consulting solution is either Time and cost based model or fixed cost Managed services. However our experts will try to find minimal effort solution approach for bank’s consulting needs.
  • Our main objective on this business is that reducing application maintenance and change management cost to banks.

Flexcube Managed Services

Flexcube Managed Services
  • Providing L2 production support for resolving base product issues by coordinating with Oracle Global support team.
  • Providing support on customisation issues.
  • Impact analysis on critical patch set released by oracle.
  • Immediate work around/Data patching solution for base product/customized issues until it get fixed permanently.
  • EOD support.
  • Performance Tuning on both EOD/Online Transaction processing.
  • Helping Administrator to do IT server Maintenance activities.
  • Provide user support for any functional/technical queries.
  • Patch validation and Deployment.
  • Change Control and Release support.
  • Develop stubs or stub utilities where ever needed.
  • UAT execution and environment preparation
  • Parameterisation for business agility
Flexcube Managed Services

Flexcube Customisation support

Flexcube Customisation support
  • Analysis, Design and Development of custom functionality as per business requirement.
  • Analysis, Design and Development of batch or online FLEXCUBE interfaces.
  • Front End customization (Creation of new screen/Adding new fields to Existing screen/Adding Extra validation or skipping existing validations) using java script and RAD tool.
  • Back end customization using oracle PL/SQL. This can be done on existing flexcube customization/Extensible layer.
  • New reports development or existing report Modification using BIP and RAD tool.
  • Develop incoming and outgoing extracts using FLEXCUBE GI module as per the Requirement specifications for various Flexcube functional module.
  • Develop Tools and Utilities for Flexcube as per requirement specifications.
  • Provide Migration and reconciliation support.
  • Fix defects found during unit testing, system integration testing and acceptance testing.
  • Consulting Services for Other Core banking Application products.
  • Data Migration and reconciliation support.
  • Interface development and support.
  • Report development and Support.