How NewGenEducationApp helps parents to do smart parenting?
Automation and workflow sloution for K-12 schools,colleges,Universities,Training Institute and tuition centers

In this dynamic life, it is die-hard to keep pace with the childs’ studies for the parents. Especially when both of them are working to earn better and bread for the family. Parents have to keep a detail-oriented track of childs’ studies for smart parenting and effective parenting. Moreover, smart parenting demands parents to keep themselves continuously updated on the child's progress and activities for making progressive decisions regarding their education and future career.

Educational sectors try to narrow down the gaps between parents and teachers by scheduling parent-teaching meetings but still, it becomes difficult for parents to report physically. Life is becoming more and more vigorous and in this continuously evolving phase of life, it is becoming harder and harder for the parents to get in touch with the childs’ studies reports.

NewGenEducationApp addresses these issues and provides the best smart parenting features to maximize the teacher-parent interaction, ease of tracking the students' progress reports, extracurricular activities performance, students learning outcomes, and much more.

Key Features

  • Parent Dashboard
  • Progress cards & soft skills
  • Access to Results & schedules
  • Extracurricular Participation
  • Study Planner
  • Video Lessons
  • Study Materials
  • Online Leave Applications
  • Online Parent-Teacher Meetings
  • Daily Alerts/Notifications
  • Holistic Reports
  • One-stop solution

NewGenEducationApp connects Parents and Institutes

NewGenEducationApp directly connects parents and educational institutes through a cloud-based system. It enables the smooth exchange of information. The institutes upload the students' information on the system and the parents see the information in real-time. Parents can access the system online and can get the required information using their comfy device.

Parent Dashboard

Smart dashboard for smart parenting. UX competitive designed dashboard presents the student's information in inclusive graphical ways.It uses different graphs and statistical tables to present information like:

  • Student Attendance
  • Fee
  • Weekly Events
  • Exam

On a single screen, parents can get a comprehensive summary of the student's overall performance. Plus, parents can easily monitor and keep track of the child’s attendance, extracurricular activities, fee details, exams summary, and progress reports.

Progress Card & soft skills

Progress card helps the parents to track student performance effectively. Parents can view subject-wise marks & grades of different exams on the progress cards. It also enables parents to check what soft skills their child is acquiring and how efficiently they are developing different skills like communication, reading, writing, presentation, collaboration, etc.

Parents can highlight the subjects & soft skills in which the child is lagging to pay extra attention to them. They can make sure their child's personality is perfectly developed and they are acquiring both technical and soft skills efficiently.

Access to Results & schedules

NewGenEducationApp helps the institutes and teachers to announce the results online. It allows the parents to access the results through the internet. They can view the results of exams using their mobile or web competitive device.

The parents can also access the timetable and see other ongoing activities. They can view the class & lecture timetable, complete lecture details, subject name, allocated teacher, and duration, and can check the announced holidays in the institute holiday section.

Extracurricular Participation

Parents can easily enroll their children in different extracurricular activities online. They can view the announced extracurricular activities, competitions and debates can opt for enrollment in the extracurricular activities of their child.

Study Planner

Parents can make or help their children to devise their own flexible study plans. It empowers smart parenting for education and assists in preparing special preparation schedules for upcoming quizzes and exams and organizing study hours for extra circular activities.

The parents can use it to make sure the life balance isn't disturbed and students have enough time to do their best in studies as well as extracurricular activities.

Video Lessons

Parents can access all the video lectures with one click. Centralized video lessons at a single place with classification by classes and synchronization with the scheme of studies helps the parents to easily access & comprehend the flow of studies.

Parents can access video lectures delivered by the tutors anytime and anywhere. It aids in smart parenting by enabling the parents to assist their child in comprehending a particular lesson.

Study Material

Find all the study material in a single place. Parents can view the recommended books for the courses, preferred online lecture links, case studies, related study/experiment materials for the students, and other learning collaterals.

It helps the parents to make sure their child’s have access to all the study material and resources recommended by the tutors.

Online Leave Applications

Apply for leaves on behalf of your child digitally for different emergencies or medical issues. They can also view the leave approval status of the leave using their mobile or web device.

Online Parent-Teacher Meetings

Online parent meetings narrow down the gaps between the parents and the tutors and help in enhancing the smart parenting and teaching-learning process. Instructors can schedule virtual meetings with the parents about their child's progress results, reports, or aptitude.

Exclusive opportunity for the smart parenting to have a closer look at their child's progress and aptitude by collaborating with their teachers virtually. In addition, short and flexible online video collaborations with the freedom of physical reporting make the lives of the busiest parents easy in this dynamic world.

Daily Alerts/Notifications

Get live updates about your child's activities, attendance, result announcements, progress reports, emergencies, or holidays. The systematized parent notification module automates the notification system by sending a system-generated report and child's activity alerts to the parents through SMS or email channel.

No more worries about missing important dates and notifications regarding childs' education. Live alerts system lifts the smart parenting and helps the parents to remain continuously updated on the student's activities and take instant action if necessary.

Holistic Reports

Exclusive holistic reports empower the parents to analyze student overall performance and make reformist decisions regarding student's studies and careers. It allows the parents to generate different types of student holistic reports along with attendance, extracurricular activities, and academic progress reports.

One-stop solution

All your smart parenting needs from a single source. Monitoring attendance, tracking progress reports, accessing results, video lessons, study material, leave management, and notification alerts facility ensure flawless parenting. Parents can monitor and track kids even if they are studying in different institutes through a single application.

All these exceptional features make the lives of parents super easy regarding child education, K-12 schoolsing, and personality development. However, it is not the end; we are continuously devising advance digital ways to make your life more connected and easier. Maximize smart parenting with aid of NewGenEducationApp now.